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Aven Forest Romance Author

romance author

Hi there! I’m Aven Forest and I have been writing romance since the age of 14! I am a romance author who specializes in writing steamy, kinky, and otherworldly love!

I discovered my love for romance when I first sank my fangs into Christine Feehan’s Dark Carpathain series. I was in spellbound and inspired to create my own work!

When I turned 20 I found Eden Bradley and her amazing, and kinky novel “Dark Garden”. The world of BDSM and Kink has inspired and helped me grow ever since. In fact since finding my own kinky side it has given me apart of myself that has helped me get to where I want to be!

I live in the northwest hills of Connecticut with my mom, our two kitties, sugar glider, and dog.

In my free time I enjoy meditation, yoga, self-care, spiritual-development, and learning how to become a better writer.

Below you’ll find my current series and what I am working on next on my journey to becming a best-selling romance author.

Wicked and Witchy

Kinky, elusive, and often manipulative, these mystical beings have a taste for magic, control, and want to capture their partner’s soul. Will they grow to indulge in everlasting love? Or will they prey to their greedy ways?

Sizzling Shifter Series

Bring out the beast within! These wild souls have an animal that just lurks at the surface of their essence. They love to mate! But when love comes galloping in, can they handle the chase?

Sweet Holidays Series

Sweet romances are just as hot and heavy as the erotic ones! This series is designed around the holidays and clean love. Have no fear clean love has it challenges, magic, and sizzle too!

Past Live Paradise Series

It’s like they’ve known each other before. These past life lovers the chance to requiem their love for each other. But rekindled love is anything but easy.

I Hate You But I Love You Series

They say the best love out there is opposite attraction! Cowboys and rockstars, bookworms and MMA fighters, the good girl and the bad boy. Sweet N Spicy goes oh so well together!