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Business Name Generator

You can google business name generator and have tons of search results. However if you want an easier, and simpler way simply read this tutorial.

Before we get started you will need a few items:

  • thesaurus
  • comfy clothes
  • something to eat or drink if you wish(I’m on that caffeine deal!)

Part One: Core Business

The first part of this business name generator tutorial is finding the core of your business.

The core of the your biz is what you do. Are you a virtual assistant? Are you a writer? Are you a wedding planner?

Whatever it is write this down or type it in document on your PC or tablet.

For example I’m a virtual assistant my target audience is heart centered businesses which includes matchmakers, wedding planners, boudoir photographers and soul healers such as tarot readers and spiritual advisers.

So when I asked myself what gives me that ambiance that I feel when on social media from other heart centered business’s posts, I came across marbled counter tops and roses. Hence the name Marbled Rose. This is my core business.

Not only does it give that soulful ambiance, but it flows, and those words can be used to describe my business.

Now let’s say you’re a sex-positive coach who helps couples through kink and BDSM. So at the core I would suggest the words such as “sensual” “erotic” “sexy” “sexual” these are all words to describe the core of your sex-positive coaching business.

business name generator

2. Business Name Generator Part Two: How Does Your Business Helps Others?

The next part to finding your business name is to think about how your business helps other entrepreneurs.

Let’s take the example of the sex-positive coach so because you help couples and people trough guidance that is considered coaching. So an idea for a name could be “Sensual Pleasures Coaching”

Now let’s look at my name. I took Marbled Rose as my core. Next I provide ways to solve people’s social media, content, and customer service problems with their business. Finally I combine the word “solutions”. So together you have “Marbled Rose Solutions”.

This tutorial is an easy, quick.and simply way to come up with a business name without over exerting yourself!

Have you found your business name? Feel free to share below!

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