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College Dorm Room Ideas For Spiritual Young Adults

With college in full bloom come later this month, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your dorm room. Take your spiritual practice with you with these college dorm room ideas!

A Few Things to Consider

  • Smokey items such as incense or white sage may need to be kept in essential oil form since most dorms have fire alarms.
  • If you are able to meet or talk to your new roomie before your move-in date it may be a good idea to explain that your spiritual practice is important to you and that you want to make sure they are comfortable with your practice.
  • If for some reason they may have an issue with certain items or things, try to get items that symbolize your spiritual practice for example if they don’t like the pentagram you may want to opt for a nice desk plant or statue that represents the pentagram.
  • Stay within your budget if you have to sacrifice food for a tarot deck it’s not worth the buy you need to keep your body nourished too!
  1. Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are easy to store, versatile, and can be used for a variety of reasons such as a meditation carpet. They come in different materials and thickness as well so if you need some extra support the mat has your back!

Check out this adorbs yoga mat on amazon:

2. Leather Journal

Keep all of your deepest secrets and desires safe within a nice journal such as the one below! As a bonus this journal can double as a book of shadows!

How cute is this journal?!

3. Palo Santo Spray

Spray away those negative vibes after a long day with palo santo spray. You only need one or two spritzes. Just make sure your roommate isn’t allergic! Palo Santo is a great option instead of white sage which can smell like a pow-wow sesh! Palo santo means “Holy Wood”. This wood has the amazing ability to keep good energy while diminishing negative energy.

4. Amethyst String Lights

Amethyst is a wonderful stone for enhancing your psychic abilities, balancing the third eye chakra, and psychic protection. Plus, it helps with your dreams!

Bring the powerful healing of amethyst with you through these cute, natural cut amethsyt string LED lights. Ten feet of psychic woo anyone?

5. Chakra Stone Kit

Keep your energy wheels flowing and your body’s healing process balanced with the help of a chakra kit. Some chakra kits include necklaces, herbs,and even guide books designed to help you to keep your chakras at their highest frequnecy.

I highly recommend this kit here:

6. Self Care Books

Keep your self-care game strong throughout your years at college! Checkout this adorable and zen-worthy book on self-care.

What spiritual items are on your must-have lists for college?

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