You Need to Avoid These 5 Red Flags When Hiring a Ghostwriter

Hiring a ghostwriter can be beneficial in many ways. It can help you launch your business online. You can grow your social media presence. You can also create a new way to do something in your industry that may help tackle a task faster.

Hiring a writer can also be troublesome. If you are not careful you can end up in a legally binding contract, lose your content, or even lose your business.

Here are 5 red flags to avoid when hiring a ghostwriter.

  1. Not Signing a contract– I cringe when I hear that people aren’t signing contracts. Especially when it comes to hiring a writer they need to be willing to sign an NDA. An NDA is a Non-Disclosure Agreement which means that all info is kept confidential. It also states that the writer agrees that you own the rights to your book and credit goes under your name, not the ghostwriter. Without this contact, you can lose your book and it can be a messy legal showdown.

You also need a service agreement which states the work, payment, and terms that you and your writer agree to.

2. Refusing to Explain Their Writing Process Your writer should be focused on you. This includes establishing trust and being able to explain their writing to you. Your writer should be able to explain how long it will take, how much they will write a day, and how they perform research. If your wrter is giving you a short sentence on how their process works, chances are they’re either not experineced or they’re hiding something.

3. Lack of Communication Your writer should be approaching you in a friendly, professional way. They should be keeping you up to date with progress and any questions they may have. If a writer doesn’t communicate with you during the book writing process that’s a massive red flag. I will email my clients daily with how many chapters I wrote, send them the chapters, and then wait a day or two before working on the next installment of chapters. This way I can make any changes my clients want and it gives them a front-row seat in the writing process.

4. Taking Payment and Ghosting You– This makes me bite my nails in terror! Do NOT ever pay someone upfront WITHOUT A CONTRACT. It protects you from being scrapped of your hard-earned cash. Plus lawyers can get involved if you have a contract that has been broken.

5. No Website Or Samples of Work-I get it some people are tight on cash especially since the Corona Virus. But your writer should at least have a website and samples of their own work. Even if it’s just an Upwork profile with samples, this still is much more valuable then talking to someone who just claims to be a writer but has no proof or website to display their work.

Make sure you have a contract in place, make sure they have credibility, and ensure they have communication, and you will avoid the 5 red flags mentioned in this article.

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