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3 Things You’re Doing On Instagram That Are Costing You Customers

Whether you’re a spiritual life coach, a romance author, or anything in between, Instagram is the place to be.

Instargram is still one of the most popular social media platforms. It works by posting a photo and then adding hashtags. Hashtags are essentially searches that peoole use with the “#” sign in front of it for example such as #dogofinsta or #tarotreader.

However, if you are like many other business owners, you know the Instagram marketing is an art in itself. When utilized correctly, this social media platform and create serious revenue. We’ll cover three things to avoid doing that may cost you clients on this platform.

  1. Not Using a Business Account.

One of the awesome tools on Instagram is their business account feature. You can link your facebook page, gain powerful insights, and even add a shop feature to your posts to make it easier for your customers to shop. There are a tons off business tools that can help your business grow on Instagram!

This is why once you sign up you just select the “switch to a business account” option. It will ask you if you want to hook your Facebook business page to your Instagram account. If you don’t have a facebook page or don’t want to hook up your page to your instagram, that’s fine as well.

Another issue that I see is not utilizing your bio. Your first line of your bio should be the name of your business. The second line should specifically describe who you help and how. The more specific you get the better it will be to find you. The last line should have a call to action such as subscribing to email, calling a number, or visitng a website.

2. Blowing Up Random Accounts With Page Long Messages

Whoever started this trend does not understand social media marketing. This is an unprofessional way of doing business and you can wind up being shut down for spam if the person reports you.

While I know it’s easy to assume everyone will benefit from your products or services that fact is not everyone wants them. For example, someone may want a ghostwriter but they may not want a paranormal romance ghostwriter. This is why having a specific audience will greatly help you to get noticed on Instagram.

I will do a “niching” blog post soon. Make sure you subscribe to email to be the first to know.

Lack of connection building on social media will also kill your game. It’s not just about gaining customers anymore. It’s about learning how to build a connection and speak to people who need a community of support that solves their problems. If you are going to message someone make sure you are building a connection and not just trying to scalp a sale.

3. Using Hashtags That Are Too Popular

Most business owners who join instagram tend to think that using the most popular hashtags will put you in front of your audience and lead to sales. But this is not at all the case. In fact the more popular of a hashtag that you use, the less likely your business will be found.

When using hashtags, use no more than 30 per post. Also make sure that all hashtags being used are 3.4 Mil or under.

Have integrity and create connection when you post, don’t flood someone’s inbox with a book about your business, and don’t use overpopulated hashtags and you will find your business booming like thunderstorms during the summer!

What tips have helped you grow your social media?

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