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The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning and How to Apply it to Your Life

the emperor tarot card..
Source: https://tarotbycecelia.com/2018/01/31/featured-card-of-the-day-the-emperor-78-tarot-astral-tarot-in-space/#:~:text=Artist:Nelleke%20Schoemaker

A muscular, athletic man stands before a cosmic background. In his hands, he holds a threatening sword. But fear not this sword is just to protect his children. This embodiment is all that vibrates and flows in the emperor tarot card.

Key meanings behind the emperor tarot card:

  • Authority
  • Control
  • Order
  • Father

When the emperor comes up in a reading there is a need for control or lack of control in one or many areas of your life. This can also symblize a father figure in your life or perhaps a mate who is a father if you are asking about your future partner.

This card can also mean that you need to let go of control. You may be trying too hard or pushing too hard towards a goal or relationship and may need to take a step back.

Now let’s look at the emperor in depth!

The Emperor In Reguards to General Life Guidance

Have you been laying back, slacking off, and falling out of a routine? The emperor may be coming to you to tell you to get back in a routine. This will help you focus on the next step of your life and spiritual journey.

The Emperor In Love Readings

In reguards to love the emperor may remind us that we need to get organized, and back on track so we can spend time together. There also may be a need for setting boundaries especially if your partner is not respecting yours or going out alot with their friends.

It can also signify pregnancy especially with the Empress card or another tarot card that represents pregnancy.

The Emperor In Business Readings

You need to get on a structure and a plan for your business. You have an idea now let’s put it into action. Perhaps you are struggling with the plan you have. The emperor calls for a new plan of action or structure.

The Emperor Regarding Finance

The emperor regarding finance is a wake-up call that you need to be mindful of spending and create a finance plan or budget. If you have the two of pentacles next to the emperor this is a clear sign of needing to be mindful to pay those bills! Take care of your needs before your wants!

How can you apply the wisdom of the emperor to your life?

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